Botero LH

Purebred Spanish Horse

Approbation:  PRE (Apto) 

Size : 160cm (Still growing)

Génotype:  Aa, Ee, nd1/nd1, prl/n

                      +TT (Endurance Type)

                             Entirely tested at EtalonDX

<<   Botero, is a firework, an energetic cocktail who has all the qualities required to perform the best dressage tests. He is vibrant, bouncing and is part of the ones who won't let anyone indiferent. >>

His origins


His story

          Born on April 4th of 2015 in Spain at Yeguada la Heroica, Botero LH arrived in France in 2016 at Haras des Mirys.

         Botero LH is a serious candidate for dressage. He has three very good gaits and especially an excellent trot and an amazing gallop with a lot of projection. He is a flexible horse with energy and a lot of strenghts

         Botero LH purebred spanish stallion with a bay pearl color (rare gene color which gives a golden color when its in two examples. When its in one example such as on Botero, the color presents copper-coloured sparkles. 

His performances

2019; During his 4th year, he participate to 4 dressage competitions (free cycle). He wons 3 first primes and 1 second prime.

  • Qualified for the national final  of  Saumur, his owner and rider decided that he won't participate to this final to protect his physical and mental integrity. 

  • This same year, he finished at the 31th place of the top 100 SHF with only 4 outings in competitions.

Crossbreeding advices

     Botero LH est un cheval charpenté, tendu dans le dos, avec de belles lignes baroques et un excellent type racial. Il a de l'allant et une locomotion hors norme, du rebond et une extension assez rare dans la race. He benefits of a very good purebred spanish horse "sports" genetic.

       Botero LH seems to produce with more size than him, he improves the forehand. In order to preserve his good locomation, we will carry to cross him with mares who have a good activity in the hindquarters.  Botero LH is negative on every recessives gene of the entire panel of EtalonDX. (Possibility to send you the results)

His production

    Botero has realised his first breeding-season in 2018, he produced two beautiful female foal with a great model, size and a great locomation.

Jinkan Real Mirys

Botero LH X Revoltoso XXIX

Jinkan Real Mirys was born on March 28th of 2019 at Haras des Mirys in Mayenne (West of France). She is the daughter of Botero LH and Zalema (Revoltoso XXIX).
She is Smocky Black.

Juventa Real Mirys

Botero LH X Sol PM II

Juventa Real Mirys was born on April 4th of 2019 at Haras des Mirys in Mayenne. She is the daughter ofBotero LH and El Safanad des Mirys (Sol PM II)

She is Bay Pearl.

Conditions de monte

En race pure (PRE):

IAC :   250,00 €   +   600.00 €

En croisement (Toutes autres races):

IAC :   250,00 €   +   400.00 €

Tarifs TTC incluant les envois.- Paiement au 1/10 en race pure - Paiement complet à la réservation en croisement - IAC pour 24 paillettes qualité aux normes HN   -  Carte supplémentaire IAC -50%    

 Mise en place -50% pour toute jument inséminée chez nous en IAC. 






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