We would like to sincerely thanks, everyone who accompanied us and who still accompany us everyday.

To those who were a part of our evolution, our training, our today’s vision.

To our families, for their daily and constant support. To our friends for their essential presence. To our clients, for their trust…

To horses, without whom we would be nothing.

And to our partners, for their collaborations. Thanks to them, we can evolve more and more everyday. THANK YOU !!!


TACANTE - Tacante is an equestrian brand who innovate to increase the comfort of the horse and its rider, in the respect of the environment. Products made in France, with a law impact and the environment and without any risks for our health and the horse’s one. An eco-friendly commitment that Tacante wants to share with us.

EQUIMOV - Equimov is a community platform of online reservation of stables, meadows and paddocks. High quality network. Easy and free sign-in. The essential tool for our travels ! 

CWD - CWD is a high range saddle maker dedicated to the rider’s sporting performances. They owe this success to their politics of innovation and investments in all fields: research and development, savoir-faire, customer relations, training. At CWD, sport and performance are an obsession.

MGPY -  Mélanie Guillamot Photography (MGPY) is THE photographer for our adventures ! Off-road photographer, she will know out to catch any moment in the most improbable places and situations.

ROYAL OATS/BAILEYS - Our experts in equine nutrition ! Royal oats, french company, is the only distributor of Baileys Horse Feeds in France. This high quality complement has changed the life our of stables ! 

MICHEL VAILLANT - Vaillant Equitation is an innovating assortment of horses care products that we can use daily. High quality products, mostly BIOs. Unguent, pharmacy, complements and also the blacksmithing assortment : alu horseshoes, crampons,....

SEAVER -Seaver Girths - Thanks to its technology, you can optimize your horses’ performances and improve your training.

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SEAVER -Seaver Girths - Thanks to its technology, you can optimize your horses’ performances and improve your training.






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