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Born in 1991 - Died in 2016

Approbation : SF - AA - DSA - OC

Size : 162 cm

<<   A very chic stallion who associate style and performances to an original genetic which reunited the best sport's arabian origins to an exceptionnal thoroughbred line of descents. >>

His origins

His story

         Born in 1991 at M.Salvatore Starace, Daswam was the son of Naswan, exceptionnal jumper, born from the best sport spanish arabians line descent and from the PS Amstel.

             M. Joigneau, famous figure in the Lot et Garonne and talent finder with young horses come one day at M.Starace to see his foals jump. On this day, he was convinced by Daswam. He bought him and schooled him until his 6 years. During every of his young years, Daswam obtained his qualification for the young horses final in Fontainebleau. At the end of his 6 years, Mrs Carsalade (Haras de Montagne) bought him for her daughter. He progressed until GP145 while his rider was still a Junior back then : Marie Demonte. This couple had won a lot of competitions under the sun in the South of France.
       He died in 2016 of violent colics while he was enjoying a happy retirement at La Vernède, in his owner studs Le Haras de Montagne. 


His performances

  • Qualified for the Fontainebleau Finals at 4-5 and 6 years

  • .From 1998 to 1999 :

  • 3rd of the anglo-arabian french championship at Salon du cheval de Paris

  • GP 1m40 : Winner in Montpellier Grabels, 2nd in Alès, 4th in Rodez Combelles, 7th in Blagnac

  • In CSI junior GP 1m45 : 2nd in Aix en Provence, 3rd in Le Touquet, Migliarino and Valbonne, 4th in Madrid and Saint Valerien, 6th in Lacanau and Castelnaudary, 7th in Valbonne

  • From 2000 to 2002 :

  • In GP 1m35 : Winner in Montauban and Alès ,4th in Blagnac

  • In GP 1m40 : 6th in Montauban, and 7th in Alès

  • In GP 1m45 : 4th dof the CSI Junior in Aix en Provence, 7th in Six four les plages

Crossbreeding advices

        Daswam is a flexible horse with energy, he passes on to his production his chic, his very good moves and his balance. He is a very intelligent horse and his products unherited his good temper which make them easygoing. 

        His production also distinguished in  eventing, by their good  gaits and their endurance transmitted by the arabian and the english thoroughbred. 

     Daswam match with juments carrossières, avec de l'os, size and strength. 
      This small stallion is heterozygous on the grey gene, his production's colors are diversified.

His production

In 2019, Daswam is the father of 149 products registered in France. 

Rosalinda Montagne

Daswam X Fol Avril

Born on May 5th of 2005, Rosalinda was born from the crossing of Daswam (AA) X Fol Avril.

Show-jumping until  145cm and many ranking in 135cm under the saddle of Sylvain Poncet.

Pandora Montagne

Daswam X Fol Avril

Born in 2003, Pandora was born from the crossing of Daswam (AA) X

Fol Avril. She progressed in eventing under the saddle of Anouk Canteloup until AmElite and As Jeunes Elite. 

Umswam Montagne

Daswam X Iago C

Born on January 16th of 2008, Umswam was born from the crossing of Daswam (AA) X

Iago C.

Show-jumping until 1m30, under the saddle of Marie Demonte at 6 years. Then under the saddle ofYannick Riera.

Mascotte de Brial

Daswam X Quatar de Plape

Born on May 29th of 2000, Mascotte was born from the crossing of Daswam (AA) X Quatar de Plape.

Show-jumping until 125cm under the saddle of Julien Balbiano.


Highness Paradiziak

Daswam X Tandem de Mai

Born on April 14th of 2017, Highness was born from the crossing Daswam (AA) X Tandem de Mai.

Histoire Paradiziak

Daswam X Gabyscion

Born on March 8th of 2017, Histoire was born from the crossing of Daswam (AA) X Gabyscion.

Héroïne Paradiziak

Daswam X Jasmin

Born on May 30th of 2017, the elegant Héroïne was born from the crossing Daswam (AA) X Jasmin.

Impériale Paradiziak

Daswam X Tandem de Mai

Born on May 3rd of 2018, Impériale was born from the crossing of Daswam (AA) X Tandem de Mai.

Idylle Paradiziak

Daswam X Gabyscion

Born on April 11th of 2018, Idylle was born from the crossing of Daswam (AA) X Gabyscion.

Conditions de monte

IAC :   250,00 €   +   400.00 €

Tarifs TTC incluant les frais d'envoi - Garantie poulain vivant - IAC pour 18 paillettes qualité aux normes HN, -  Carte supplémentaire avec les paillettes restantes -50% -  Frais d'envoi déduis sur la première fraction pour toute jument inséminée chez nous (-100€)  -  Mise en place -50% pour toute jument inséminée chez nous. 






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