Glorioso las Lunas

Purebred spanish horse
Born in 2013

Approbation :  PRE* (Apto) + OC

Size : 164 cm

*Purebred spanish horse

<< A black pearl for the purebred spanish horse ! A stallion as beautiful as generous, as kind as graceful, as reliable as talented. >>

His origins

His story

    Glorioso Las Lunas was born on February 6th of 2013 in Spain at Yeguada Las Lunas, he has been imported in France at 18 months and was bought by the Haras de la Motte

     He benefits of solids origins  thanks to the Yeguada Militiar / Lovera and Bohorquez origins ; he  also is the grandson of "Rebelde VII", Bohorquez stallion who was told to be the perfect prototype of the race.

     Approuved in France at 3 years, he was  sold and is now progressing with the Compagnie Atao in horse shows.

Crossbreeding advices

    Glorioso Las Lunas is a functional horse who has 3 really good gaits, a big flexibily and a natural engagement naturel des postérieurs avec de grosses facultés au rassemblé et aux airs relevés.

    He is a horse with a examplary mental, always available and volunteer to work. He has stength but keeps his gleaming and dancing gaits
     Glorioso should fits many mares : he can perfectly be crossed with light and energetic mares.

                            Homozygous Black

His production

       Glorioso will do his first breeding season in 2020. We don't have any feedbacks yet on his products.

Conditions de monte

IAC: 250,00 € + 400,00 €

Tarifs TTC incluant les envois.- Garantie poulain vivant 48h - IAC pour 24 paillettes qualité aux normes HN

Carte supplémentaire avec les paillettes restantes -50%  -  Mise en place -50% pour toute jument inséminée chez nous. 






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