Marquise du Chef

French Trotter

 " Kindness  - Size  - Energy "

Her origins

Her performances

No performance. 

Marquise was a leasure horse before her breeding career. 

Son Histoire

      When her owner moved to Florida, they decided to let Marquise in France and she was offered to the Parad'Izia-K's Stables in order to start her breeding career.

       We don't have sports ambitions with Marquise but her kindness, her model and her big size (175cm) are really interesting for our colorfull crossings.

Her production

Karioca Paradiziak

Astre II X Chef du Chatelet

Née le 27 juin 2020, Karioca est un mâle isabelle inscrit au stud-book Anglo European Sport Horse (AES)

Joyful Star Paradiziak

Pepito X Chef du Chatelet

Née le 20 Mai 2019, Joyful Star, pouliche alezane silver, est inscrite au Stud-book Anglo European Sport Horse (AES).

Intermède Paradiziak

Stetson X Chef du Chatelet

Born on June 10th of 2018, Intermède is a bay make with known origins. He is the true brother of Hors-Série Paradiziak. Intermède was sold in 2018.

Hors-Série Paradiziak

Stetson X Chef du Chatelet

Born on May 26th of 2017, this Champagne female foal should be one of the first tall champagne mare of France. 

Expected for 2020...

- Marquise du Chef X Rocket de Laubelle Z






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