Ok du Rozel

Selle-Français (Originel) 

Born in 2004

Registered :  SF (Original Label)

Size :  171 cm / 16h3

<< A first class genetic with majors origin which issues the best Sport Horse's strains. The flexibility, the strength and the modernity of a high-level horse ... Quaprice For Ever, the Selle-Francais stallion is back in Normandy ! >>

His origins

A point on his origins

HIS FATHER : Quidam de Revel (Jalisco B), A huge international performer (ISO 185), gaining 4th at the Olympic games in Barcelona, is known as leading sire. He is the father of many top stallions: Dollar dela Pierre (world champion at World Equestrian Games of Jerez, winner of the Sires Of The World à Lanaken - ISO 177), Godsend du Reverdy ISO 177, Litsam  ISO 168 ...
He also is the father of many great performers in CSIO and CSI-W,  including Diabolo du Parc - ISO 178, Eve des Etisses  ISO 183, Ideal de Roy  ISO 177, Le Prestige St Lois ISO 176, Myself de Brève ISO 174, AD Norson, VDL Groep Verdi .... Quidam de Revel has sired at least 300 champions in CSI and CSIO ! 

The maternal line of descent of Quaprice for Ever is simply amazing, It has the origins of the best Selle-Francais strains as well as one of the best French strains for high-level horse production !

HIS MOTHER : Caprice d'Ifrane , is a daughter of the leading sire Galoubet A. She has produced

- Triomphe de Muze, Winner in CSIO and father of more than  10 winning horses in CSIO, CSI-W and GP160
- Finbarr V (ex Tottori de Muze) CSIO 160 with Robert Whitaker, known for his strength and his record at 2,12m in high-jump.

- Tornad'O (Par Nabab de Rêve), is the mother of Bo d'O who has progressed in 1m60.
- Caprice d'Ifrane is also the mother of Shabanoe de Rêve ISO 140, Radka de Muze ISO 139, Wapiti de Muze ISO 135, Roetnik de Muze ... 

HIS GRAND MOTHER: Ifrane, has produced an amazing number of winners in competition at a high-level. She has produced: 

- Morgat ISO 177, Finalist of the World Cup and participant of the Olympic Games under the saddle of Hubert Bourdy
- D'Ifrane Chalusse ISO169 
- Nifrane, ISO 165, mother of Fragance de Chalus (has produced Mylord Cathargo ISO 178, Bamako de Muze ..), Lord if de Chalusse, ISO 171, stallion, Jolly Girl de Kervec, ISO 153 mother of queen Girl Kevec ISO 162), Vodka Orange de Muze, winner of the Belgian championship for the 6 years, Jifrane de Chalusse -has producued Nifrane de Kreisker ISO 170

... Many horses are descended from this major strain !



His story

     Quaprice For Ever was born on June 10th 2004 at M. Gerard Favre's Stud, in l'Orne (Normandy). Approved at the Selle-Francais stud-book at 4 years, Started his reproductive career relatively late and in 2019 his first products are only 5yo

     He started his sports career under a Breton saddle at 5yo with Marc Lucas who improved him until  6yo and brought him to the world championship at Lanaken in the same year. 

       At 7 years, he progressed until CSI ** and Pro1 under a Normandy saddle this time with Jonathan Chabrol. He took part in some competitions at 8 years with Thierry Dupont but was retired early due to an injury.

Crossbreeding advice

     Quaprice For Ever offers a first ranked genetic combining strength, flexibility and modernity. He provides the essence of Quidam while keeping extent, a strong back and balanced drive.


      He has the bravery of Galoubet and the modernity of Ifrane. Quaprice for Ever is an energetic horse with a great energy and also a good temper. 

      He can be matched with a large diversity of mares, He passes on his tight back and his excellent temper. He will suit mares who lack tension, extent and balance. 

His collaterals

Phenix du Rozel

Quidam de Revel x Narcos II

Phenix du Rozel (ISO150) est le propre frère de Ok du Rozel. Performer jusqu'en épreuves 1m60 avec Nicolas Deseuzes

Propre frère

Gambit du Rozel

Rivage du Poncel x Narcos II

Gambit du Rozel est le frère utérin de Ok du Rozel. Sous couleurs colombiennes, il évolue jusqu'en épreuves 1m60

Frère utérin

His production

   Quaprice For Ever has a confidential production because we can now count about 15 foals in France. His first products are only 5 years in 2019.

Trianon du Rozel

Ok du Rozel x Lou Piguet

Trianon du Rozel ISO15O, fils de Ok du Rozel, performer jusqu'en

épreuves 1m60

T'es Ok Minotais

Ok du Rozel x Kannan

T'es Ok Minotais ISO152, fils de Ok du Rozel, performer jusqu'en

épreuves 1m55

Conditions de monte

IAC:      250,00€  +  700,00 €

Tarifs TTC - Garantie poulain vivant - IAC pour 18 paillettes qualité aux normes HN  - Carte supplémentaire avec les paillettes restantes -50% - Mise en place -50% pour toute jument inséminée chez nous, et déduction du transport des doses (-100€). 






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