Welsh Part-Bred

Born in 2010

Approbation:  Welsh PB - PFS iti

Size : 148 cm

<< Exclusively and for his first breeding season, a young and promising stallion who is already performing on the best ponies's competitions  !  >>

His origins

His performances


  • Rankings in AS poney élite GP

  • Starts AS poney élite GP excellence 

  • High-jump competition until 150 cm


  • Rankings in AS 1 / AS 2 

  • IPO 124


  • IPO 125


  • IPO 130

His story

            Anaconda du Refleh was born on 26/04/2019 at Refleh's breeding farm. His father, Nomade du Perthois - performer in GP - has an excellent production's rate. His mother, Qualine du Refleh, is a pony who easily won the OI (unknown origins) tests. She performed until Pélite D and produced very good ponies. 

              Anaconda is a pony in full ascent, at 9, he ranked in GP As Elite and is starting the GP AS Excellence (130cm). A competitor who must be followed and who will make a name for itself ! 


       His model and his charism don't let anyone indifferent. He is a serious pony at work


Crossbreeding advices

       Anaconda will do his first breeding year in 2020. While waiting for his production, we can note that he is a pony with a very good technic on show-jumping, abilities et un vrai sens de la barre. He has a serious and classy model with good tissus.

       Even though he misses energy, he always has the strenght and the flexibility to go on the other side.

 Il dispose d'une bonne structure osseuse avec un dos fort et long qui conviendra certainement à des juments un peu légères et trop courtes dans le dos. 

2020 Covering conditions

Bellino du Caudeur

Pawnee x Waxwing Recall

Belino du Caudeur est né le 07/05/11, c'est un hongre issu du croisement Pawnee x Waxwing Recall

Kanal Rip'Lays

Pawnee x Machno Carwyn

Kanal Rip'Lays, mâle né le 19/04/20 issu du croisement Pawnee x Machno Carwyn.

- Vice champion des Foal 2020

(France Dressage)

2020 Covering conditions

IAC*: 250.00 € + 400.00 €

*artificial insemination with frozen semen

Prices all taxes include - also include the delivery - 48h Living foal guarantee

Tarifs TTC incluant les envois.- Garantie poulain vivant 48h - IAC pour 24 paillettes qualité aux normes HN

Carte supplémentaire avec les paillettes restantes -50%  -  Mise en place -50% pour toute jument inséminée chez nous. 






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