Pilerlann Ar Park


Born in 2003

Approbation :  OC - CO - PFS

(in progress)

Size : 148 cm

<<   A performer with a heart and abilities without limits ! A Connemara confirmed genetic, a serious model and the results of a crack.

En exclusivité et pour sa première année de monte, découvrez l'extraordinaire Pilerlann Ar Park !   >>

His origins

His performances

  • Pilerlann Ar Park started competitions at 5 years in 2008.

  • At 6 years, he participated to the SHF finale CCJP.

  • In 2010, at 7 years, he participated to horse's competitions until pro 3 (1m25)

From 2011 to 2019, he participated to many TDA, we can't even count his rankings because they are so numerous ! We will still notice :

  • Win As élite GP of Deauville in 2015

  • Win As étilte GP of St Lo in 2016

  • 4th of GP As Excellence in Lamotte Beuvron

In the end of 2016, he will encounter the last rider of his career,, Renaud Madelaine with whom he will progress until 2019. 

  • In 2017, they started together in AS2, in 2018, they ranked many times in AS1 and proved they worth on the puis font leurs AS élite circuit, they even realized a double performance in Canteleu, where they won  th AS élite vitesse on the saturday, and then the l'AS élite GP on the sunday. They also ranked 6th of the CSIP at BIP in Fontainebleau.

  • In 2019, they won the AS élite GP in Le Mans, ranked 3rd of the Super AS élite in Tours Pernay, ranked 3rd of CSIP Le Mans 1m30. Many podiums before they announced the retirement of this beautiful grey pony during 2019 fall.


Crossbreeding advices

     Pilerlann is a pony whose kindness and courage are as big as his talent. On a jumping parcours, he is always available and gives everything needed. He must passes on to his production his excellent temper and his bravery.

     He is a pony with excellent  gaits, real abilities, a  balance without limits and a serious model.     

       Pilerlann should fits with energetics mares. We will pay attention to cross him with mares who have a good technic on their fronthand. Nevertheless he should fit a large panel of mares.

His story

     Pilerlann Ar Park was born on May 9th of 2003 at Haras de Dour Ar Park. He have an amazing sport carrer under the saddle of young riders and collected rankings until the best level.

       Bought by M.Madelaine in 2016, his son Renaud Madelaine ride him on competitions until 2019, when Pilerlann retired from competitions at 16 years. 

         His owners made the choice to retire him while he was in great form, to thank him for all of his victories and to let him enjoy his retirement and his breeding career.

His production

Pilerlann has no production yet. He will perform his first breeding season in 2020.

His collaterals

Apollon Pondy

Island Earl x Marbel

Born on April 11th of 1988 at élevage Pondi, he was a pillar of breeding. Father of 198 foals, 130 of them are indexed, he is one of the major stallion of Connemara's race.

Apollon died in 2019.

Father of Pilerlann

Pumkins Pondi

Apollon Pondy x Idenoir

Born in 2003 at élevage Pondi, Pumkins is a 2nd best pony of connemara's race indexed. Under the saddle of Camille Conde Ferreira, he has made a name of hiself !  IPO 176

Brother of Pilerlann by their father

Stamina Ar Park

Thunder du Blin x Moyglare bruff

Stamina Ar Park was born on April 29th of 2006 at Haras de Dour Ar Park. 

IPO 134

Uterin sister of Pilerlann

Conditions de monte 2020

IAC :   250,00 €   +   400.00 €
IART:   250,00€   +   400,00 €

     IAI:      150.00 €   +   400,00 €

Tarifs TTC - Garantie poulain vivant - IAC pour 24 paillettes qualité aux normes HN

Carte supplémentaire -50%    -    Mise en place -50% pour toute jument inséminée chez nous. 






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