Your made-to-measure foal


   Izia et Fabrice offer you a made-to-measure foal adapted to your whishes. You only have to choose a mare from our breeding farm below and the stallion of your dreams. Izia et Fabrice will find you a surrogate mare adapted to your embryo, they will handle the transfer, follow the gestation and help your mare to foal ! An exclusive and customizable contract ! More than renting a surrogate mare, different from an in-utero reservation, you will finally be able to produce the foal of your dreams.

Feel free to contact us so that we can take a look together at your projet !

Step 1: Choose a mother


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Beyonceh du Val Jouen

French Saddle Horse

Lando X Quaprice BM



French Saddle Horse

Tornesch X Diamant de Semilly

vannilla sky.jpg

Vannilla Sky

French Saddle Horse

Diamant de Semilly X Flipper d'Elle

Quoirie Blue

French Saddle Horse

Mr Blue X Qredo de Paulstra


Ukara de Nesque

French Saddle Horse

Gabyscion X Verdi


Forever Paradiziak

French Saddle Pony

Nova X Valkmo Silver Fame

Mauviette de Civry

French Saddle Pony

 Rococo du Thuit X Alricho

Step 2: Choose a stallion

Option 1:  Choose a stallion from our catalog ! In this case we offer you the insemination ( - 180€! )

Option 2:  Choose the stallion you want in the whole world, Your imagination has no limits, our abilities neither...

Step 3: Find a surrogate mare

     We take the entire care of this step. We select with attention the surrogates mares depending from the gestation project.
     If you own a surrogate mare, we can also realize your project with this mare.

Parad'Izia-k surrogate mare renting :   110,00 € / month

Step 4: Inseminate the biologic mother

     We take the entire care of this step. We inseminate the mares in our insemination center. Insemination costs are offered for the clients who chose stallions from our catalog.

Insemination costs for outside stallions: 180€ / year

Step 5: Do the embryo's transfert

     We work in partnership with  Haras des M to collect and implant the embryos. We are in charge to drive your mares to Haras des M without extra costs.

Cost for an embryo's transfert trial : 500 € / act

Step 6: Wait for 11 longs months of gestation

     A mare's gestation lasts around 11 months and 11 days. During this major step of your foal's conception, many point have to be watched with attention. 

      We take a really good care of your mares and make sure that they receive the food they need and the cares adapted to their gestation and lactation needed.

Gestation livery : 215,00 € / month

Step 7: Foaling of the 8th world's wonder

     We take the entire care of this step. Foaling is the last step of your foal's conception. To keep this moment wonderful, an intense watch-out and many knowledges are needed.  

     Our foaling prices include the administration of anti-tetans serums and trivalents serums at birth and the cares for the surrogate mare and the foal. We watch-out and control the colostrum quality with a Colo-Test, in case of problem we have a "colostrum bank" on site. 
Vet clinic at 15min - On-call service H24
Foaling :  220,00 €

Step 8: Discover our breeding liveries and/or start again at Step n°1 ...!

  • Toute réservation de "poulain sur mesure" devra impérativement être faite avant le 1er Mars de l'année en cours afin de planifier la saison de monte de chaque jument. 

  • Toute réservation sera contractualisée. 

  • Les paiements interviendront au fur et à mesure des étapes de la création de votre "poulain sur mesure"

  • Les tarifs du site web sont ici à titre indicatifs, notamment ceux des transferts d'embryon qui dépendent du nombre de tentatives. Les tarifs indiqués sont des tarifs optimums dans le cas d'une réussite dès le premier essai. 

  • Nous ne pouvons garantir un taux de réussite de 100%. Il vous sera recommandé de prendre une assurance si vous ne souhaitez prendre aucun risque une fois que des enjeux financiers sont engagés. 






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