Rocket de Laubelle Z


Born in 2015

Approbation:  AES - OC 

Size : 165 cm

Homozygous Piebald

<<   A young stallion, as nice as skilful who will insure who a 100% piebald production ! Enjoy this good opportunity for your mares within the scope of his first breeding season.  >>

His origins

His story

      Born at élevage de Laubelle on July 11th of 2015, Rocket is since his first hours, the pride of his breeder, Jean-Marc Bial ; he has a kindness without limits, the abilities of a sport horse, and the beauty of his color which retains the look at each of his outings.

        Rocket de Laubelle has mixed origins : show-jumping and dressage. He is the perfect student for Hunter and must also fits eventing.

               Little extra : Rocket is homozygous on the piebald gene. All his foals will be piebald. 


His performances

In 2019 during his 4 years :

  • 6/10 clear round on show-jumpig  CC 4 years

  • 2 first primes in Hunter

  • 2 secound primes in Hunter

Qualified for the final in both disciplines under the saddle of Charlène Guillen, he performed the Hunter final where he obtained the excellent mention in Fontainebleau.

He counts 624.23 € gains at 4 years.

Crossbreeding advices

       Rocket de Laubelle will perform his first breeding season in 2020. Even though we don't have any feedbacks yet on his production, we can notice that he his a stallion with an amazing temper, who has an extraordinary directness and cold blod in any situations. He has three good gaits, he's a flexible horse, really pleasant and easygoing everyday. He must fits with energetic mares, with strength and a good back.

Conditions de monte

IAC :   250,00 €   +   450.00 €
IART:   250,00€   +   450,00 €

IAI:     150.00 €   +    450.00 €

Tarifs TTC incluant les envois.- Garantie poulain vivant 48h - IAC pour 24 paillettes qualité aux normes HN

 IAF sous réserve de disponibilité (En fonction des sorties en concours) 

Carte supplémentaire IAC -50%    -    Mise en place -50% pour toute jument inséminée chez nous. 






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